TIP: Design integration and financial feasibility in project management is one of Robyn’s specialties. Things can get tricky when construction is involved, so it’s best to leave it to the experts!

1Step 1:
Coffee? Meet Robyn over a coffee/tea to discuss where you'd like to take your design journey. If you both decide it’s a fit to work together then you can move to…
2Step 2:
Questionnaire. Robyn’s questionnaire is a great way for her to get to know your design needs, likes and personality. Questions will include information on budget, lifestyle, where you like to travel etc. This really helps her customize your designs to make sure it showcases your style and tastes.
3Step 3:
This is where the fun begins! Robyn starts creating a Digital Vision Board of all the options for your design. Furniture, lighting, flooring, wall colours/wall papers, decor, kitchen & bathroom designs. (Whatever it is that you require for your project).
4Step 4:
Robyn presents your customized Digital Vision Board and then you chose which of the different options you would like to proceed with. (You have the option to chose from 2-3 selections for each room design. We like our clients to be included in every step of the decision process).
5Step 5:
We send a quote of all the items you chose from the Digital Vision Board. If all is approved by you, we then place the order and you receive an ETA of all the individual items. Please note: A storage option is available as all items don't always arrive at the same time.
6Step 6:
More fun! Installation day. Robyn and her team arrive to your space to ensure furniture placement is correct, and to add all those last finishing touches with the decor. Lastly is the grand reveal!

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